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Safe Fish to Eat in the Yellow Zone

DO NOT EAT:  Barracuda and Black Croaker because of mercury and PCBs contamination


1 Serving Per Week (skinless fillet): California Halibut, California Scorpionfish (Sculpin), Kelp Bass, Sardines, Sargo, Shovelnose Guitarfish, Rockfishes, White Croaker, Barred Sand Bass

2 Servings Per Week (skinless fillet): Corbina, Pacific Chub Mackerel, Queenfish, Opaleye, Surfperches and Yellowfin Croaker, Topsmelt

4 Servings Per Week (skinless fillet): Jacksmelt

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The consumption advice for women 18-45 years and children 1-17 years is more restrictive than for women over 45 years and men. This is because the fetus and children are more sensitive to the toxic effects.