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Community Based Organizations
Comm - Community Resource Council

Community-Based Oganizations

Community Resource Council

Acting as a bridge between FCEC and affected local ethnic populations, the Community Resource Council provides critical feedback and insight as to how to most effectively reach at-risk communities. The Council serves in a consultative capacity by providing recommendations and insight to maximize the effectiveness of FCEC’s Community Outreach Program. FCEC has had the opportunity to work with two outstanding individuals through the Community Resource Council: Yolanda Lasmarias and Dr. Howard Wang. Yolanda Lasmarias joined the Community Resource Council in March 2008 and has since been an invaluable resource in providing insight as to how to reach at-risk Filipino communities in Los Angeles County. As a Nursing Administrator for LAUSD for the past 32 years, Lasmarias has also provided FCEC the opportunity to speak with and educate school nurses in close proximity to the contaminated area. Dr. Howard Wang is the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Executive Director of the Student Health and Counseling Center at California State University, Fullerton. Since joining the Community Resource Council in March 2008, Dr. Wang has assisted FCEC in identifying potential Chinese community-based organizations to further expand the scope of FCEC’s outreach efforts. Dr. Wang has also provided FCEC with the opportunity to inform the Asian community at the University about local fish contamination, while also providing critical insight as to how to reach the larger Chinese community within the San Gabriel Valley.