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Community Based Organizations
Comm - Boat People SOS

Community-Based Oganizations

Boat People SOS

A national organization with nearly three decades of experience, 17 branch offices, and a diverse collection of over 20 domestic programs, Boat People SOS is a key institution in the Vietnamese community. For 26 years, Boat People SOS has worked towards empowering, equipping and organizing Vietnamese American communities in their path towards self-sufficiency. The organization’s numerous social and economic programs serve approximately 10,000 refugees and immigrants a year. Local services include computer and vocational training for newly arrived immigrants and refugees at the organization’s Community Technology Center (CTC). The local Westminster branch also offers ESL classes, citizenship preparation classes, weekly self-help group meetings, an oral history of Vietnamese torture survivors, as well as public health advocacy. Together, these programs create a web of services that address the intertwining and compounding effects of unmet needs experienced by immigrant families.


Tiffany Nguyen, Boat People SOS