You are what you eat. But what if by eating what you eat, you were destroying ecosystems’ ability to replenish the very thing you enjoy most – fish?

One visionary chef and author based in Washington D.C. looks to “restorative seafood” and vegetables to help save our oceans.

On Sunday, October 17th, FCEC participated in the Cabrillo Autumn Sea Fair in San Pedro, where over 200 local residents were in attendance. Event attendees stopped by our FCEC booth and had a lot to say about fish contamination.

Recently, BPSOS, a partner of FCEC, attended the 6th Annual Southeast Asian at the Aquarium of the Pacific, held on Saturday, October 9. BPSOS is a Vietnamese organization that works to empower the community and is committed to distributing FCEC educational materials at events they attend.

The festival highlighted the beauty and diversity of Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Laotian, and Indonesian cultures.

There was live music, dance performances, food, crafts and of course educational booths where our partner, BPSOS, handed out FCEC information. BPSOS reached out to dozens of local residents about fish contamination and had a wonderful time. Enjoy the photos!

Were you at the event?

If so, what did you think of the event? Did you come across any FCEC materials while you were there?

FCEC invites you to celebrate Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

The core of the FCEC program is fishing. The sport runs deep in Southern California culture and history, indeed for some in our greater community it is far more than a sport, it


We often talk about good practices here on the FCEC blog like what fish to avoid due to local contamination and how to properly prepare the fish you do catch and take home to eat. However, we

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On September 4th, FCEC and our partner Heal the Bay hit the streets of Hermosa Beach for the annual Fiesta Hermosa! The day was filled with great events, music, food and an eclectic mix of community oriented booths.

FCEC was able to reach out to dozens of locals to talk about fish contamination. Many signed up to receive more information and walked away with FCEC tote bags full of goodies!

If you weren

FCEC invites you out to Hermosa Beach this coming Saturday, September 4, for Fiesta Hermosa. The day will prove to be a fun one, with a little something for everybody!