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Fishing enthusiasts at the Cerritos Rod & Gun Club in November learned about which fish caught off the Palos Verdes Shelf they should avoid.

“I was definitely surprised at all the other species of fish in addition to the white croaker that we shouldn’t be eating,” said Cerritos Rod & Gun Club President Charles Sharp.

Check out the video below where two members of the club talk about the impact of our presentation. If you’re interested in having FCEC talk with your fishing group, let us know by leaving a comment below or emailing

On Sunday, November 21st, FCEC materials will be available at the annual St. Columban Health Fair, which will take place in downtown L.A. from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The event is being sponsored by St. Vincent Medical Center and several community booths will address health issues, such as proper nutrition and exercise. The FCEC materials will provide attendees information on fish contamination off the Palos Verdes Shelf and kids will have the chance to play with the cool  “Catch and Release” fish game!

The day will prove not only to be educational, but a it will be a fun event for the entire family! So bring out the whole gang and come on down.

FCEC invites you to celebrate Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

On September 4th, FCEC and our partner Heal the Bay hit the streets of Hermosa Beach for the annual Fiesta Hermosa! The day was filled with great events, music, food and an eclectic mix of community oriented booths.

FCEC was able to reach out to dozens of locals to talk about fish contamination. Many signed up to receive more information and walked away with FCEC tote bags full of goodies!

If you weren

FCEC invites you out to Hermosa Beach this coming Saturday, September 4, for Fiesta Hermosa. The day will prove to be a fun one, with a little something for everybody!


On Thursday, July 29th, FCEC headed out to the Redondo Beach Rod and Gun Club to talk shop about fish contamination in our region. Many, if not most, in attendance are active anglers or have friends and family that fish on occasion.

FCEC believes that educating anglers with personal outreach is one of the best ways to protect human health. When anglers know what fish are most contaminated they are more likely to throw those fish back and not consume them. In all, 20 tip cards were handed out at the event!

Below is a video of Redondo Beach Rod and Gun Club member, David, who tells FCEC why the information he heard during the presentation was so helpful.

July 31st was a great day to celebrate our fishing culture in Southern California and FCEC!

Over 120 people graced the Venice Pier for educational workshops, free food, games and of course great prizes! During the fun-filled afternoon, FCEC was able to reach a substantial number of anglers (and kids!) about fish contamination issues along the Palos Verdes Shelf.

With the help of veteran fisherman Larry Fukuhara from Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, FCEC addressed better fishing practices, such as how to tie fishing line to target certain fish and which fish to release.

This unique community outreach experience was our way of saying thank you to all those who make our work so meaningful. Thank you also to our partners who made the day possible: Seafood for the Future, Montrose Settlements Restoration Program, Heal the Bay, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, James

If you live along the coast you probably grew up visiting a pier to go fishing during the summer. With friends or family or maybe even by yourself, you casted a line out into the deep blue waters hoping to snag that great big fish for your bucket.

FCEC and our partners know that fishing is a unique community experience, one that is passed down from generation to generation. It

On behalf of FCEC, Yolanda Lasmarias and Tiffany Jonick spoke at St. Columban Church in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, June 6th to educate community members about fish contamination. Over 30 adults were in attendance to hear the two speak and over 90 of the program

On Sunday, June 6th, St. Columban Church in downtown L.A. will be hosting FCEC Community Resource Council Member Yolanda Lasmarias and Tiffany Jonick, who on behalf of FCEC, will be speaking about the new angler tip card that is being distributed at local piers.

Yolanda made arrangements for the event to take place. In addition to explaining the tip card to parishioners, an overview of the contamination issue on Palos Verdes Shelf as well as the efforts EPA is taking to remediate the area will also be addressed.

Community outreach is a cornerstone of FCEC